TO AND FROM is a mindful nail concept. More than just a regular salon, our intention is to bring quiet consideration and attention to detail, resulting in a unique experience.

Through luxurious, clean products, skilled technicians and a carefully curated environment, we believe nail salons should be an elevated and peaceful experience enriched in traditional techniques. In today’s world, we are all in need of a daily escape.

The Founders

Jeanne Bloom and Henri Helander met while studying at fashion school in New York City. Jeanne went on to run her family’s Oyster Company in Connecticut (where she was born and raised), while Henri pursued a career in buying at Barneys New York followed by a styling career. Over the last 10 years the two have spent time cultivating a relationship built around traveling and exploring the newest stores and locales.  


From a young age Jeanne has always made sure her nails are her best accessory. She spent her Saturdays tagging along with her mother and grandmother to their weekly manicure ritual, a practice she now continues herself. During his time in fashion, Henri developed a deep interest in clean skincare after struggling with skin issues throughout his adolescence. He found comfort when finding the perfect—and effective—all natural skin care products. 

Over time, their combined passions inspired them to create something different in the beauty world: An idyllic place where they could pass along rituals while ensuring their clients were protected from the harsh chemicals found in most beauty products. To and From is that place.

Our Mission

Jeanne and Henri created TO AND FROM with the intention of bringing a new, modern nail concept to Fairfield County. Their goal: to create a beautiful space that only uses clean products.


Five to ten toxin-free polishes are the only polishes stocked in the salon, alongside chemical-free lotions, oils, and scrubs—simple products where every ingredient is put to use. To differentiate themselves, they have worked closely with a chemist who reviews all products.


The utmost detail is also paid to sanitation. Pedicure bowls are used alongside medical grade sanitation treatment on all tools. Transparency is key—ask the duo to review anything and they will gladly take any customer through their sanitation procedures.


The most important part of the salon though, is the team. Bloom and Helander focus on fair wages for employees and fair hours. They believe a team is the heartbeat to a great salon. They are devoted to team education and remaining up-to-speed with all standard practice and new techniques that align with the salon.


As there is no formal license available in the the state of CT, Bloom and Helander have looked to find a team licensed in cosmetology in the CT state or who have received NY state license.  NY has the best regulations protecting salon employees.  This has become standard practice in many salons across the country and they feel the same should be implemented here.



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